Most frequent questions and answers

Nothing. If your book submission is accepted for publication, there is absolutely no cost to you as the author.  Hidden Hollows is a true publisher and takes all editing, design, and layout costs upon herself.

After your book is accepted, we will sit down and talk about timeline.  A book could be in print anywhere from three months to one year depending on your availability.

A book published by Hidden Hollows Publishing will be available in print on Amazon.com and in e-book form on the Kindle Store.

Yes.  Hidden Hollows Publishers accepts unsolicited manuscripts.  It must be submitted according to our submission guidelines.  

Hidden Hollows Publishers publishes both fiction and non-fiction.  We publish a wide variety of genres.  We look for work that celebrates faith, hope, and love.

The money you make will be based on how many books are sold.  Published authors will receive one of the best net royalty percentages in the industry.  This is discussed in further detail after a manuscript is accepted and before a contract is signed.

There are many independent publisher houses that you could consider.  Hidden Hollows offers professional design, helpful editing, and even comes alongside you to help create and strengthen your personal platform.  We desire to be the best there is at what we do.

Hidden Hollows Publishing is able to publish books of varying lengths.  For reference, a novelette averages 10,000 words, a novella 20,000, and a novel is over 40,000 words.